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Car Front Window Sunshade Covers

Car Front Window Sunshade Covers

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Sunshield: Keep Your Car Cool and Comfortable.
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Automated Vehicle Sun Shade: Sunshade360 | Indiegogo

UV Protection: Shields your car's interior from harmful UV rays, preventing sun damage and fading of upholstery.

Temperature Regulation: Helps maintain a cooler temperature inside your car during hot days by blocking sunlight and heat from entering through the front window.

Homezo™ Car Sun Shade UmbrellaInterior Preservation: Protects your dashboard, steering wheel, and seats from cracking and fading due to prolonged sun exposure.

Easy Installation: Simple to install and remove, making it convenient to use whenever needed.

Universal Fit: Designed to fit most car windshields, ensuring compatibility with various vehicle models.

Foldable and Portable: Easily folds into a compact size for convenient storage when not in use, ideal for keeping in the trunk or glove compartment.

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Customization Options: Available in various sizes, colors, and designs to match your personal style and complement your car's interior.

Durable Material: Constructed from high-quality, durable materials that withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and maintain longevity.

Privacy Enhancement: Adds an extra layer of privacy to your car, preventing prying eyes from peering into the interior.

Cost-effective Solution: Offers an affordable solution to protect your car's interior and maintain its resale value by minimizing wear and tear caused by sun exposure.

Reduce Glare: Minimizes glare from the sun, providing clearer visibility for safer driving.

Easy to Clean: Can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or wiped down with mild soap and water, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.


 High quality material, with Functions: Wear resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance.

NEW Sun shade Style. Umbrella design/stretch design, small size, easy to carry.

 Aim at anti UV, lower car interior temperature in the Summer.


Material: Made of high-quality, reflective material to effectively block sunlight and UV rays.
Size: Designed to fit most standard car front windows, providing ample coverage.
Easy Installation: Features suction cups or adhesive strips for quick and hassle-free installation.
Foldable Design: Can be easily folded and stored when not in use, saving space.
Protection: Protects your car interior from sun damage, keeping it cool and comfortable.
Versatile: Suitable for use in all seasons to shield your car from heat and glare.
Durability: Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.
Compatibility: Compatible with various car models, offering universal compatibility.

Package Include:

1x  Car Front Window Sunshade Covers

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