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Don't Buzz the Wire Super Game Set

Don't Buzz the Wire Super Game Set

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Keep steady hands, avoid the buzz, win big

Challenging Gameplay: Don't Buzz the Wire Super Game Set offers a thrilling and challenging gameplay experience for players of all ages.

Develops Motor Skills: Playing this game helps in developing fine motor skills as players maneuver the wand without touching the wire and causing a buzz.

Family Fun: It's a great game for family gatherings or game nights, encouraging friendly competition and laughter.

Multicolor Design: The vibrant multicolor design adds to the visual appeal, making it attractive for both kids and adults.

Easy to Set Up: The game set is easy to set up and can be played almost anywhere, providing entertainment on the go.


Game Components: Includes a buzzer, a wire wand, and various challenging wire shapes.
Multicolor Design: Vibrant colors add visual appeal and excitement to gameplay.
Dimensions: Buzzer dimensions: 3 inches (diameter) x 1 inch (height); Wire wand length: 6 inches.
Material: Made from durable plastic for longevity and safety.
Game Objective: Players must navigate the wire wand along the twisted path without touching the wire and setting off the buzzer.

Package Include:

1x Don't Buzz the Wire Super Game Set

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