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FlexiGlow USB Book Camping Light

FlexiGlow USB Book Camping Light

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"Illuminate Anywhere: USB LED, Portable, Indoor, Outdoor"

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Versatile Usage:

 Can be used as a book light, camping lamp, indoor reading bulb, and outdoor emergency lighting, offering multipurpose functionality.

Compact and Portable:

Its USB plug design makes it highly portable and convenient for travel, camping, or outdoor activities.

Energy-efficient LED Bulb:

 Utilizes LED technology for efficient and long-lasting illumination, saving energy and reducing electricity costs.

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Emergency Lighting:

 Serves as a reliable source of emergency lighting during power outages or outdoor adventures, ensuring safety and visibility.


USB Plug Design: Conveniently powered via USB, allowing versatile usage with laptops, power banks, or USB wall adapters.

LED Bulb Technology: Utilizes energy-efficient LED bulbs for bright and long-lasting illumination, minimizing power consumption and maximizing durability.

Portable and Lightweight: Compact design makes it easy to carry and transport, ideal for camping trips, travel, or outdoor activities.

Multi-functional Design: Versatile functionality enables use as a book light for nighttime reading, a camping lamp for outdoor adventures, or an emergency light during power outages.

Adjustable Light Modes: Some models may feature adjustable brightness levels or light modes to suit various lighting needs and preferences.

Durable Construction: Built to withstand rugged outdoor conditions, ensuring reliability and longevity even in challenging environments.


Power Source: USB powered, compatible with standard USB ports, power banks, and USB wall adapters.

Light Source: Energy-efficient LED bulb.

Brightness: Adjustable brightness levels or multiple light modes.

Materials: Durable materials suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Dimensions: Compact and lightweight for portability, with specific dimensions provided based on the product model.

Weight: Lightweight design for ease of carrying during travel or outdoor activities.

Package Include:

1x FlexiGlow USB Book Camping Light

1x Cable

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