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Inflate Sofa Bed

Inflate Sofa Bed

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Transform comfort with Intex: Sofa by day, bed by night

Versatility: The Intex single sofa cum bed offers versatility, serving as both a comfortable sofa and a convenient bed, making it ideal for various living spaces, guest rooms, or even camping trips.

Space-saving design: With its inflatable feature, this sofa cum bed can be deflated and easily stored when not in use, helping to save space in your home.

Quick inflation and deflation: The Intex inflatable mattress features a quick inflation and deflation mechanism, allowing for easy setup and takedown, making it convenient for temporary sleeping arrangements.

Comfortable sleeping surface: Despite being an inflatable mattress, Intex products often boast a sturdy construction and comfortable sleeping surface, ensuring a good night's sleep for users.

Durable materials: Intex products are typically made from durable materials, designed to withstand regular use without punctures or leaks, providing long-lasting reliability.


Material: Typically, Intex inflatable products are made from sturdy PVC material, designed to be puncture-resistant and durable.

Capacity: The exact weight capacity can vary depending on the specific model, but Intex inflatable mattresses and sofa cum beds are generally designed to support the weight of an average adult comfortably.

Weight: The weight of the inflatable sofa cum bed and air mattress can vary depending on the model and specific features, but they are typically lightweight and easy to transport.

Inflation method: Intex inflatable products usually come with a built-in electric pump for quick and convenient inflation. Some models may also support manual inflation using an external pump.

Deflation method: These inflatable products typically feature a valve for easy deflation, allowing users to quickly deflate the sofa cum bed or air mattress for storage or transportation.

Package Include:

1xInflate Sofa Bed

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