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Kids Educational Magnetic Board

Kids Educational Magnetic Board

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Spark Curiosity🌟 with 

Our Kids👶Educational Magnetic Board. Foster Fun and Learning in One Interactive Too✨l


Large size magnetic drawing board can meet kids' painting needs and puzzle needs. By moving these colorful magnetic beads around on the doodle magnetic drawing board, kids can let their imaginations run wild and create their own unique patterns or follow the patterns on the cards.


Magnetic dot to dot free play drawing board is made of high-qual- ity environmental ABS plastic material. The rounded corners of the large magnetic drawing pad for kids are smooth and care for the baby's little hands, and the closed magnetic beads can effectively avoid the risk of the baby swallowing it by mistake.


Our magnetic toys come with 10 double-sided cards, total 20 pat- terns of different shapes and things for kids refer. The variety of patterns effectively captures children's attention and stimulates their creativity by starting from easy to difficult. The colorful beads inside the magna doodle can help kids to learning colors.


Our magnetic dot board is not only fun, but also educational. It helps your child learn colors, shapes, counting, and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and problem-solving.


 Due to the light weight and suitable size, kids can easily put it in a backpack and take baby drawing board to anywhere he/she wants, such as restaurant events, car events, and airplane events. Comes with 10 cards and 20 patterns to keep your child busy and quiet on long road trips.

Interactive Learning:

Encourages hands-on engagement and creative exploration in various subjects such as math, language, and creativity.

Educational Content:

 Includes pre-printed grids, alphabets, numbers, or various learning templates to facilitate learning activities.


Lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for use at home, school, or while traveling.

Specifications of Kids Educational Magnetic Board:

Material: Durable plastic or wood frame with a magnetic surface.

Magnetic Surface: Allows for easy attachment and rearrangement of magnetic pieces.

Educational Content: Includes magnetic letters, numbers, shapes, and possibly animals or objects for interactive learning.

Double-Sided Design: Provides versatility with a magnetic surface on one side and a writable surface (whiteboard or chalkboard) on the other.

Accessories: Includes magnetic pens, erasers, and storage trays for organization.

Safety: Made from non-toxic materials, safe for children.

Age Range: Suitable for toddlers and young children, promoting early learning skills.

Usage: Ideal for home, classrooms, or daycare centers to facilitate learning through play.

Portability: Lightweight and portable for easy transport and storage.


1xkids Educational Magnetic Board

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