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Kitchen Chopping Artifact

Kitchen Chopping Artifact

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One Chopping Gadget For Every Meal


Don’t bother to spend hours in the kitchen chopping and slicing till your arm gets sore. With this gadget, preparing food is no longer a problem.

Effortless Food Slicing

Load the chopper with your food, press the push-down handle, and it will slice everything you’ll need for your meal. It’s easy, it’s effortless, and it’s super time-saving.

Various Chopping Modes

Cutting onions is different from slicing lemons, you’ll ask for various thicknesses for distinctive food. By simply adjusting the cutting knives, you can easily cut anything into strips, juliennes, slices, or dice.

Clean In A Second

Electric cutters might work fine, yet they require greater effort to wash. With this tool instead, you can run it through clean water, which is good for the next meal.

Slice To Your Liking

If you love super thin crispy chips, turn the adjustment knob down; if you love a thicker slice, turn it up. It’s so easy to slice to whatever thickness you prefer!

Takes Up No Space

Being so compact and foldable, this handy tool takes up nothing more than a knife in your kitchen rack.


Material: Premium Plastic + Metal Components


Care Instructions:

Hand Wash With Water And Mild Detergents.

Package Includes:

1x Chopping Tool

1x Hand Presser

1x Food Tray

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