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Magnetic Window Cleaner

Magnetic Window Cleaner

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"Double-Sided MagicūüĆü: Magnetic Window Cleaner for Easy and Efficient Cleaning"‚ú®

Safe and effective

 way to clean windows, bathroom glass, office glass, glass door, glass partition, high-rise glassOur Upgrade Magneatic Window Cleaner helps you to clean inside and outside windows at the same time, while you stay in the room, saving time and effort

Double Sided Magnetic Design

Double sided magnetic window cleaner cleans both the inside and outside of Windows at the same time, eliminating the need to stand outside the window or reach out to clean the outside window. Convenient and fast, quite suitable for high-rise window cleaning.

Ease of use: 

Designed to be user-friendly, magnetic window cleaners often require minimal effort to operate, making window cleaning less time-consuming and physically demanding.

Strong magnets:

 These ensure a firm grip between the two parts, preventing the cleaner from falling off while in use.Triangular shaped magnetic glass cleaner, which can wipe to the narrow area of the window and clean without dead corners. The built-in water storage sponge can be used for a long time, avoiding repeated water replenishment and easy to use. And the cleaning cotton, cleaning wiper and fixed buckle can be replaced.

Good for high rise building windows.

 No longer struggling to reach the outside window!!Enjoy the safety, efficiency, and convenience with Upgrade Magnetic Window Cleaner.

Adjustable cleaning strength:

Some cleaners allow you to adjust the magnet strength, making it easier to glide over different thicknesses of glass and ensuring thorough cleaning.

Microfiber cleaning cloths:

Each part typically has a microfiber cloth attached that helps to clean and polish the window surface effectively.


 They can be used on various types of windows, including double-glazed windows, storm windows, and even shower screens.

Warm Tips:

The true thickness of glass is "total thickness of window frame" minus "outer thickness of window frame" minus "inner thickness of window frame". Please measure and calculate the thickness of your glass.



Material: Usually made of durable plastic or ABS for the main body, with magnets encased in a protective material to prevent scratching of glass surfaces.

Magnet Strength: Magnets are designed to provide enough strength to hold the cleaner firmly against the window while allowing it to glide smoothly.

Size: Available in various sizes to accommodate different window sizes and thicknesses.

Safety Cord: Some models include a safety cord or rope to prevent the cleaner from falling in case it detaches from the window.

Cleaning Pads: Usually equipped with microfiber or other cleaning pads that can be easily detached and washed for reuse.

Design: Ergonomic design for ease of use, often featuring a handle or grips for better control.

Compatibility: Suitable for use on single-glazed windows, double-glazed windows, and other smooth surfaces like mirrors.

Additional Features: Some advanced models may include features like adjustable cleaning angles, extension poles for higher windows, or extra cleaning pads.

Product include 

1xmagnetic window  cleaner

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