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Mini GPS Tracker

Mini GPS Tracker

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“Never Lose Track of Your Valuables Again with the Mini GPS Magnetic Tracker!”

Now Most Precious And Priceless Things Can Be Kept Under Provision.

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Your Kids, Car And Valuable Essentials

 is always in your supervision even when you’re far away with the mini GPS tracker!

Locate Your Kids, Car.

Can’t find your Kids Or Car? Don’t worry, take out your phone and find its location sent by the GPS tracker to the map on your phone

Record sound and alarm theft 

This mini device is equipped with a smart car sensor and recorder which can capture surrounding sound and when the sound is over 60 decibels, it will immediately call you and send these sounds to your phone. Thus, you can prevent car theft in time!

Track Your Husband

None, nothing lost

You can put this device on the car or give it to your kids or old grandpa, you set a safe area on the map and when the device gets out of this area, your mobile phone will receive an alarm reminder. 

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Record track as an evidence

The auto-save track records can be clarified and understood with just a glance so you can always show the track history as evidence when needed.  

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Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker – Tisodo Fashion


Precise Real-Time Locating

A high-performance tracking device which is specially designed for keeping tabs on your loved ones, pets, vehicles, assets, and so on. It uses an advanced satellite navigation that successfully determines movement, location, and distance. No worries as it updates every minute with remarkable accuracy so you can always indicate the exact location of the person or car you’re currently tracking. Allowing you to ensure family’s safety and whereabouts, protect kids and pets from missing, driving patterns, business tracking, and other emergency purposes. What’s more? It can be even used as the perfect assistance for tracking your suspicious partner or spouse and checking if they’re cheating. This GPS device also comes with a clear and detailed audio/voice recording which can serve as concrete proof for confronting a cheating lover.

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Discreet Appearance

Features an ultra-mini size and deep black color that delivers maximum concealment. It can be effectively placed in any nook or corners of vehicles or person’s bags and other items while staying completely hidden. Additionally, the GPS is super light to ensure that it will not weigh down and become detectable. You can now secretly monitor and secure your loved ones or discreetly spot a cheating spouse without the need to trail them around by self at all times.

Unlimited Tracking Range

Adopts a limitless worldwide tracing range thanks to its satellite network navigation performance. It enables you to pinpoint location, provide protection in dangerous situations, and identify infidelity with high accurateness anytime, anywhere. Preventing the GPS from lagging or completely losing connection even on the farthest side of town, poor connection environments, dangerous situations, and so much more.

Long-Lasting Battery

Provides a built-in powerful battery that can last for up to a long 180 days of use without charging. It lets you track for a day or more without any disturbance or getting cut off unlike with other devices. Moreover, the GPS location can be directly sent to your cellular network with easy to view data insights which can be also customized to your preference. Simply insert a working sim to the device, connect it to your mobile, and then text to request real time location after the confirmation, and done.

Powerful Magnetism

Offers a unique built-in exterior magnet with a super secured gripping force. It can be easily mounted against any magnetic or metal surfaces without slipping or falling off even as you drive through rocky roads. Perfect for installing secretly on any car’s metal plates, business trucks, motorcycle, bicycle, pet collar, bags, luggages, pouches, and more possibilities. This tacking device also boasts an impressive waterproof housing that can withstand moisture, humidity, and any extreme weather or temperature conditions.


Record: Send number 555 to alarm phone, begin to record.
Sound monitoring: Send number 666 to alarm phone
GPS track: Send number 777 to alarm phone, the phone receives a geographic position and map link.
Positioning trajectory: Send number 102 to alarm phone.
Delete Memory Card Content: Send Number 445 to alarm phone.
Reboot the phone: Send number 999 to alarm phone, start success after 1 minute.
Send a SMS “000” to the phone number of the SIM card applied. After receiving confirmation message (successful device binding), send “777” to get realtime location map.
Reset the phone: Send number 444 to alarm the phone.


Material: Plastic
Recording Range: 80m²
Expansion Card: Mini TF card
Power Supply: Lithium Polymer Battery (400mAh)
Charging Input: AC110-220V
Network: GSM / GPRS
Operating Temperature: -20°C – 55°C
Dimensions: 3.5 x 2 x 1.4cm / 1.4 x 0.8 x 0.6in

Care instructions

Store In A Cool, Dry Place.
Gently Wipe To Remove Dust. 

Package includes

1 x Mini GPS Tracker
1 x USB Cable 
1 x User Manual


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