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Neck Traction Device

Neck Traction Device

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“Unwind Your Neck, Unleash Relief: Cervical Traction Device!”
Ease the pain and relax!
Do you wake up each morning with pain in your neck? You’re not alone! Say goodbye to aching necks and soothe your tense muscles with this neck traction device.
Ease the neck pain
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Your sleeping position and pillow may play a role in continuing pain. For that reason, choosing a pillow that helps support the neck and its natural curve like this is highly recommended.
Stays comfy on your neck
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It’s made of velvet fabric to provide a soft, snug feeling on the skin, plus adjustable straps to fit comfortably on anyone’s neck.
Easy to use
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The neck traction device has a handheld inflator air pump for easy inflation and deflation. Wrap the pillow around your neck and enjoy the instant relief it brings!
Perfect for everyone, anytime
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Use it while at home, at work (great for sitting at the computer!) or while traveling! Just deflate the pillow, fold it and toss into your back as it weighs like nothing!


Material: Velvet + PVC Liner 

Fully Inflated Height: 21cm 

Back: 21cm 

Front: 17cm

Care instructions

Hand Wash Only With Water And Mild Detergents.

Do Not Bleach

Tumble Dry

Package Include:

1x Cervical Traction Device

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