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20-in-1 Multifunctional Electronic Cleaning Kit

20-in-1 Multifunctional Electronic Cleaning Kit

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"Transform clutter into cleanliness with 20-in-1 magic kit"


Origin: Mainland China
Color: White
A: No Cleaning Liquid
B: With Cleaning Liquid
Material: ABS+cloth+sponge+metal
Applicability: Compatible with most wireless earphones, mobile phones, tablets, computers, televisions, razors, cameras, camcorders, game consoles, keyboards, and other digital devices on the market
Size: About 8.9x5.7cm/3.50x2.24inch
Weight (including cleaning agent): 150g

Package Include:

1 * Storage box
1 * Large cleaning brush
1 * Screen cleaning cloth
1 * Dust removal gas blowing (suitable for camera surface dust removal treatment)
1 * Air blown extension short rod
1 * Accessory extension rod (extension accessory handle)
1 * Screen cleaner (A only has empty bottles, B contains cleaning solution)
1 * Small hard bristle brush
1 * Small soft bristle brush
1 * Shaft puller
1 * Card retrieval pin
1 * Key extractor
1 * Small elbow brush
1 * Headphone compartment cleaning pile
1 * Headphone brush
1 * Clean the pen tip
1 * Soft bristle short brush
1 * Headphone charging compartment brush
1 * Camera screen brush
1 * Air blown extended long rod

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