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Balcony Decor Solar Wall Light

Balcony Decor Solar Wall Light

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"Solar-powered wall light : Illuminate your balcony sustainably with stylish, eco-friendly lighting."


Runs on renewable solar energy, reducing electricity costs and environmental impact.

Automatic On/Off:

 Equipped with light sensors for dusk-to-dawn operation, ensuring hassle-free illumination.

Easy Installation:

Simple setup with no wiring required, offering convenience and flexibility in placement

Weatherproof Design:

Built to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring durability and long-term use.

Motion Sensor Option:

Some models include motion sensors for enhanced security and efficiency.

Adjustable Settings:

Offers adjustable brightness levels or lighting modes to suit different preferences and needs.

Long Battery Life:

Efficient battery management ensures extended operating hours even on cloudy days.

Environmentally Friendly:

Contributes to a sustainable lifestyle by reducing carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy use.

Specifications for a Balcony Decor Solar Wall Light:

Power Source: Solar panel with rechargeable batteries
Light Source: LED bulbs
Material: Weather-resistant and durable ABS plastic or metal
Brightness: Varies by model, typically ranging from 50 to 200 lumens
Operating Time: Up to 8-12 hours on a full charge
Features: Automatic on/off with dusk-to-dawn sensors, optional motion sensor, adjustable brightness modes
Installation: Easy wall-mounting with screws or adhesive, no wiring required
Dimensions: Varies by design, typically compact and suitable for balcony use

Product Include

1xBalcony Decor Solar Wall Light 

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