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Climbing Wall RC Stunt Car

Climbing Wall RC Stunt Car

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"Reach new heights of excitement with our Climbing Wall RC Stunt Car: Defying gravity, conquering walls, and driving fun to the extreme!"


1.The Wall Driving Car is an utterly astonishing, gravity defying, remote controlled Stunt Car that does just what its name implies, it really does climb up walls. 2.Thanks to industrial fans and an advanced air system, this tiny rc car pulls air in under itself which holds it to the wall. 3.Wall climbing, land driving two modes of free switching, enjoy the fun of playing cars. 4.Made of ABS environmentally-friendly material. The whole car is smooth without burrs.


Products: plastic and electronic components Product size: 16*6*3.5cm Model ratio: 1/28 Product color: red/blue/yellow Remote control mode: wireless remote control Age appropriate: over 8 years old Product function: Forward, backward, left turn, right turn,led light, wall climbing .

Package Included:


1X wall racing car 1X remote control 1X charging cable Notes: 1.The wall climbing car cannot be driven in one straight line. 2.White adsorbent strip on both sides of the bottom is to climb the wall,don't tear it off. 3.Adult supervision recommended at all times

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