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CloudMist Harmony

CloudMist Harmony

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Raining Cloud Humidifier: Raindrops of Refreshment for Your Space

Rain Cloud Humidifier – shopvitaldrop

Whimsical Design:

The humidifier features a charming raining cloud design, adding a touch of whimsy to your space.

Embrace Serenity: Rain Cloud Humidifier for Tranquil Spaces | Storm clouds,  Calming essential oils, Humidifier

Easy to Use:

With user-friendly controls, it's easy to set up and operate, making it accessible for users of all ages.

Essential Humidifier Raining Cloud

LED Night Light:

Some models may come with an integrated LED night light, adding a soft and soothing glow to your space.

2023 Trend Rain Cloud Humidifier – Trends of Galaxy

Easy to Clean:

Designed for easy cleaning, ensuring the longevity of the humidifier and maintaining optimal performance.

Esencia SereneMists (450mL) 4-in-1 Rain Cloud Night Light Diffuser | Cloud  night light, Soft lighting, Eye makeup techniques


The Raining Cloud Humidifier is designed to be energy-efficient, providing a cost-effective solution for maintaining humidity levels.

Buy Rainy Cloud Humidifier with Essential Oil Diffuser (280ml) - Breathe  Easy and Relax | Free Shipping – AIRSSENTIALS

Automatic Shut-off:

Equipped with an automatic shut-off feature, the humidifier turns off when the water level is low, promoting safety and energy efficiency.

Nimbus Rain Cloud Humidifier by Artment – The Artment

Perfect Gift:

Its charming design and practical functionality make it an excellent gift for friends, family, or anyone who appreciates a delightful addition to their living space.

Humidifier Rain Cloud – Craftio

Gentle Humidification:

Provides gentle and consistent humidification, creating a comfortable and soothing environment.

Deep Sleep Fairy Rain Cloud – Solar Flare

Multi-Season Use:

Useful throughout the year, adapting to seasonal changes and providing comfort in both dry winters and humid summers.


Name: Rain Cloud Humidifier Water Drip
Material: ABS + PP + electronic components
Power: 12W
Plug: US Plug
Noise: 36dB or less
Water tank capacity: 230ml
Timing function: 2/4/8H
Atomisation volume: 10-30mL/H
Applicable area: below 10 square metres
Input voltage: 24V/650MA
Size: 125×125×186mm
Light button operation: First press, seven-colour gradient; Second press, seven-colour fixed colour; Third press, warm white light; the fourth press, bright blue light; the fifth press, the light turns off.

Package Include:

1× Rain Cloud Humidifier Water Drip
1× Remote Control
1× US Plug
1× Manual

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