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DeskFlex Phone Stand

DeskFlex Phone Stand

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"Keep your phone in sight, hands-free delight"

Adjustable design: Allows for flexible positioning to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

Secure grip: Ensures your phone stays in place, even when using it hands-free.

Hands-free convenience: Keep your hands free for typing, writing, or other tasks while still having your phone easily accessible.

Versatile compatibility: Fits most smartphones, regardless of size or brand.

Space-saving: Helps declutter your desk by keeping your phone off the surface.

Easy installation: Attaches securely to the side of your desk or table without the need for tools.

Durable construction: Made from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and stability.

Ideal for multitasking: Perfect for video calls, watching videos, or following recipes while cooking.

Rotating capability: Allows for both portrait and landscape orientation for optimal viewing.


Material: Made of durable and lightweight materials such as ABS plastic or silicone.
Compatibility: Designed to fit most smartphones with screen sizes ranging from X inches to Y inches.
Flexibility: Features a flexible gooseneck arm that can be easily adjusted and bent to the desired position.
Clamp mechanism: Equipped with a sturdy clamp that securely attaches to the edge of desks, tables, or other surfaces.
Rotation: Offers 360-degree rotation for versatile viewing angles in both portrait and landscape modes.
Cable management: Includes built-in cable clips or channels to keep charging cables organized and tidy.

Package Include:

1x DeskFlex PhoneStand

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