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Disposable Period Panty

Disposable Period Panty

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“Stay Fresh and Worry-Free with Our Disposable Period Panty!”


Are you tired of the hassle and discomfort that often comes with managing your period? Look no further! Our Disposable Period Panty is designed to make your menstruation experience a breeze. With a focus on comfort, absorbency, and convenience, these panties are here to provide the support you need during your monthly cycle.


Premium Absorbency:
Our period panties are equipped with high-quality, super-absorbent materials to keep you feeling dry and confident throughout the day.
Leak-Proof Design:
DisposableUnderwear_Listingimage_02.gif (2048×2048)
Say goodbye to embarrassing leaks! The leak-proof layer ensures that you can go about your daily activities without any worries.
Breathable Fabric:
BTF_Product_Tech_Module_disposable_period_underwear_1.jpg (900×900)
These panties are made with breathable, skin-friendly fabric that prevents moisture buildup and odors.
Easy to Use:
DisposableUnderwear_Listingimage_01.jpg (2048×2048)
Simply wear them and toss them when you’re done. No more laundry or dealing with the stains and odors of traditional underwear.
Comfortable Fit:
4_f64feebd-fb29-4cff-a171-cc9b3c154a04.jpg (1200×1200)
Designed for a comfortable and secure fit, our period panties are a must-have for women seeking both convenience and well-being.


Available Sizes: Free Size.
Material: Soft, breathable fabric
Absorbency: As Per The Size
Packaging: Individually wrapped for hygiene
How Period Underwear Works
Experience the freedom and confidence of our Disposable Period Panty – because you deserve a stress-free period. Say hello to comfort and convenience today!

Package Include:

1xPack Of Disposable Panty.
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