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Mini Portable Desk Vacuum Cleaner

Mini Portable Desk Vacuum Cleaner

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"Tiny Yet Mighty – Clean Up Your Space with Ease!"


🧲With 1000Pa of suction power and precise cleaning, Table Vacuum Cleaner is strong enough to pick up even the largest piles.

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✨With 360º rotatable design, our vacuum cleaner is an ergonomic and useful solution for your cleaning needs.

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🎁Super mini size, you can carry it anywhere and anywhere.

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💪High capacity lithium-ion battery provides up to 400 minutes of continuous cleaning time, just charge for 2-3 hours.

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1. The table vacuum cleaner is very easy to use.Just press the switch.It will be working.

2. When the vacuum cleaner is working, put it on the dust and move around it.

3. To avoid damage.Do not let it work more than 10 mins,although it can stop itself after 15 mins.

4. After use, the dust,crumb or debris will be in the dustbin.Just gently open the dustbin under the machine.And clean it with a brush or paper.

5. When you feel that the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is not as strong as before, You can charge it.

6.There is an indicator light beside the charging port. If it is red, it is charging. If it is green, it is charging completed.

Product specification

Size: 3.7 x 3.54 x 3.03 inches

Rated Voltage: 3V

Brush Height: 4±0.8mm

Brush Material: Nylon

Strainer: Hot Resistant Cloth and PP

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Package Content:

1*Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

1*Micro USE cable

1*User Manual

1*Cleaning brush

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