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Professional Portable Steam Iron

Professional Portable Steam Iron

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Enjoy the Fun Of Ironing Anytime, Anywhere, Making Your Travel More Refined And Stylish

Free yourself from the bulky ironing machines beacause our portable Micro Steam Iron is a Game Changer! Ordinary clothes steamers tend to leak water which can stain or even ruin your beloved garments. But the Portable Micro Steam Iron features an electronic pump system which prevents water from leaking. You can confidently steeam iron from any angle! This portable design even allows you to iron upside down without worrying about any spillage. So this Iron will make you feel that ironing is no longer a boring task but an enjoyable expereince

Many people love our Portable Steaming Iron Beaucse:

Grease Cleaning - high temprature aand steam can easily dissolve and strip away oil stains, dirt and mold spots on the surface and cracks of house hold products. the high temprature steam can clean so easily, the effect is remarkable. 

2 in 1 - the perfect combination of dry ironing and wet ironing can meet all your needs, Constant temprature ironing can easliy restore clothes to their original state. 

Unique Design - the Unique front end design ensures that small wrinkles can be ironed, 360 ironing without dead ends, comprehensive and fast-coverage.

Eliminate Stubborn Wrinkles - the portable Micro Steam Iron uses a trigger button to effectively remove wrinkles. Wrinkle removal is not only for closes but also curtains, tableclothes, bedding, etc.

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