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Telescopic Steel Rod Stick

Telescopic Steel Rod Stick

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   Explore the perfect outdoor walking partner - a secure, easy-grip tool for your safety and comfort.

  • • The metal stick extends up to provide an extra layer of protection and self-defense, ensuring safety in any situation.
  • • Reptile owners will find it particularly useful for handling and ensuring their safety during interactions with their pets.
Self Defence Tactical Rod (Heavy Metal and Extendable) – Aeropod
Versatile Self-Defense: 
Suitable for a variety of self-defense situations, from everyday encounters to emergencies, providing you with confidence and peace of mind.
Ultimate Security: 🛡️
With its unmatched strength, versatility, and reliability, our baton stick empowers you to take control of your personal security with confidence.
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1. Heat treated stainless steel,

2.very hard and strong.

3. Easy to carry, practical

4. Application places: night fishing, security, traffic, on the way home, travel, camping and other places.

5. Color: black, gold, silver Rainbow

Package include: 1 x Stick

Durable Construction:💪
Made from premium steel, our baton stick ensures long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and tear

Multi-Function Self-Defense Stick – Buy Central

3 features of Self Defense Tactical Rod
Compact and Versatile Design: 
Designed for secure grip and control, the tactical rod features an anti-slip handle. This feature is crucial for maintaining a firm hold on the rod during high-stress situations, preventing accidental slips and ensuring the user can effectively wield it for self-defense.
Quick and Easy Deployment: 
The Tactical Rod features an automatic pop-up once you hold it and force it with your arm, ensuring swift and easy deployment in urgent situations.
Perfect for Self-Defense: 
Tailored for self-defense situations, the Tactical Rod is explicitly designed and optimized for personal protection. Its features, including quick deployment, secure grip, durable construction, and versatile design, collectively make it an ideal tool for individuals seeking a reliable and efficient means of self-defense.
What makes the Self Defense Tactical Rod special?
1. Automatic Pop-Up
2. Anti-Slip Handle
3. Alloy Material Construction
4. Compact and Versatile Design
5. Tailored for Self-Defense
6. Quick and Easy Deployment
7. Discreet and Portable
8. Durable and Long-lasting
9. User-Friendly Features
10. Enhanced Grip and Control
11. Why choose this product?
Choose the Self Defense Tactical Rod for its unique blend of convenience, effectiveness, and durability. With an automatic pop-up feature, anti-slip handle, and alloy material construction, this compact and versatile tool is tailored for self-defense. Its discreet design allows for easy portability, ensuring you have a reliable means of protection at your fingertips. Quick deployment, user-friendly features, and enhanced grip make it a standout choice for those seeking a trustworthy and efficient self-defense solution.
How to use:
1. Grip the Handle: Hold the handle of the Self Defense Tactical Rod and bend your arm back, ensuring a firm and secure grip.
2. Lean Down: Lean down towards the target or threat, positioning yourself for effective use.
3. Vigorous Use: With a secure grip and proper positioning, use the tactical rod vigorously to defend yourself in the situation at hand.
How to close a Self Defense Tactical Rod:
1. Secure Grip: Ensure a firm hold on the Self Defense Tactical Rod, keeping the stick end facing away from you.
2. Flat Surface: Place the bottom part of the rod on a flat surface, providing stability for the closing process.
3. Force-Push: Apply downward pressure to force-push the bottom part on the flat surface, allowing the rod to close securely and easily.
Product details:
Size: 21 inch
Material: Metal Stainless Steel
Package Include:
1x Telescopic Steel Rod
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